About EP



   Joseph Upatham School has run the “English Programme” since the year 2003 in order to help students develop their skills of communicative English and also to support the needs of the society present and in the future. In the world of ICT, English is used through media as in television, printed documents, and internet uses etc. Furthermore, most of us are becoming aware of the globalization era, competition in the business world and the development of science and technology, all of which demand high English proficiency.
Therefore, Joseph Upatham School has opened this programme (JS. English Programme) to prepare your children to be ready for communication in English as well as to improve their English skills in order that they may be able to communicate in English and keep up with such development and competition. These are some of the reasons why EnglishProgramme Exist.
At present Joseph Upatham School has run the English Programme in Primary levels and Secondary levels in order for your children to be able to continue their studies in upper secondary levels of normal programme, international programme, or studying abroad.



  JS English Programme follows the Basic Education Curriculum by the Ministry of Education 2551. At Joseph Upatham School the curriculum is organized into two parts. Subjects taught in Thai are taught by native Thai – speaking teachers. Likewise, subjects taught in English are taught mostly by native English – speaking teachers and some other qualified teachers with English and Educational backgrounds. At school the following subjects are taught exclusively in English: English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Computer, Art and Music. In addition, Chinese is taught as an additional subject.


  Most foreign teaching staff members are carefully selected according to the teaching standards set by the Nittayo English Language Centre of Joseph Upatham School and other foreign institutes. These teachers are highly qualified and many are recruited directly from their universities in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, the USA, Canada,
the Philippines, India and China. This combined with qualified Thai teachers who are highly experienced makes for an ideal learning environment. Both foreign and Thai teachers have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree or even Master’s or Doctorate Degree majoring in education or Linguistics.


Classroom and Facilities:

  All the classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with modern equipment including LCD Projectors and computers for effective delivery of the lesson. Quality text books written by native speaking experts and obtained from abroad are always available for the students to do extra reading and increase their knowledge. Besides, there are many rooms for students to practice and study by themselves such as library, computer rooms, a culinary room, a music room, art room, laboratory science and etc.


Enrollment information:

Each class is limited to 30 students. It is co-ed class for both male and female students.


How students are selected:

Students must have knowledge of English to the level required by the school. Selection for Grade 1 Grade 7 and Grade 10 are made by examination of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of English, assessed by a native English-speaking teacher, as well as Maths and Thai. A score of at least or above 70 out of 100 is required.



  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of house registration papers (where the child lives)
  • Previous school reports
  • 2 passport photographs (approx 2 inch x 1.5 inch; 5 cm x 4 cm)


Monday to Friday:      07:50 a.m. – 03:55 p.m.

Morning break:            20 minutes

Lunch break:               11:20 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

Afternoon break:         20 minutes



Embroidering and positioning of students name:

  • The school logo and student number should be displayed on the shirt/tunic in red thread the normal print size as stipulated by the school.
  • The student’s second name should be in English (in capital letters with blue thread) on the shirt pocket in a text size of 1 cm x 0.5 cm.